Server Technology

Server Technology

Like a normal computer, there is a technology rack system that allows to store data in GB and TB amounts.

In the world of technology, whenever data comes in, the job of a server is to stay. Data / Database / App server are doing a certain kind of work.

This technology does the job of serving the data. When more than one request is received, the specific link is processed into more than one request and the output is received to the users.

Fact File

  • Server cannot be for a single device or system

  • The architecture of server is determined from the data

  • Each node has a specific function

  • The more clarity within the subject, the easier the server's work

  • The clearer the subject, the better the features inside

  • This system is easy to design locally but very expensive globally

Server technology is a storage system different from a normal hard disk

This technology works to serve us data. But the saving system of a database server is different from a normal hard disk.

Server's computer's processor is fast and its ability to exchange data is also fast. The hard disk of this system is also different.

As the data grows, so does the work of the server grows. Because everyone has their own feature based on which they process the request and play forward.

What are the types of Server

There are two types of main server first ftp and second data. The first is the one that transfers the file to you and the second is the one that finds the item in the data. Which contains certain types of databases.

Is the most accessible communication server nowadays. Access to features ranging from audio talk back to voice transmission. Certain types of servers work across its root.


Local servers do not work for websites like Google or E-commerce. This required booking a space in a specific large servers on whose code the entire system is accessed.

There are servers with different capabilities and space requirements. It also has a specific plot or section.

Ram, capacity and processors are checked while taking up space in a dedicated server. The fares are also expensive.


Usually every office has local storage servers. In which all types of office data are saved. This platform is used only for self use or office work.

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